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We build your IMAGINATION at Mumbai Multimedia Studio
Since our debut in 2019, we've matured into a full-fledged Digital Agency, enabling our clients to embrace their challenges,
explore their solutions, and evolve their brands.
Initially established as a digital development supplier, the agency has now become the house of a team of aspiring digital
specialists, VFX Animator and a hub for visionary brands.
Following the foremost advanced disciplines in communication, design, digital marketing, PR, content creation, analytics, and web
and app development, we've been ready to expand our clients’ horizons and help them create an identity globally

We are continuously thriving to new trends with perfect the services we offer, expand our presence in new markets,
and tackle new challenges globally.

A Paid & Organic B2B Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai India
Here at Mumbai Multimedia Studio, it’s not concerning generating B2B social media content to “make posts.” we tend to use each organic and paid choices to assist shoppers reach their goals.
The best examples of our portfolio:
• On LinkedIn, relevant web log content is distributed via organic posts for a company’s followers. Meanwhile, “promoted” choices allow us to deliver content to new prospects supported their trade, years of expertise, job title or different factors.
• On Twitter, posts go each to existing followers and (via Twitter Ads) to potential prospects.
• On Facebook, company pages ar wont to show culture and community involvement. At a similar time, ads for merchandise and services ar targeted by user demographics and interests.
• On YouTube, viewers consume our clients’ content each organically and as pre-roll advertisements. Ads leave supported what users have an interest in and signed to on the platform done according to best practices, B2B social media marketing is powerful. We make sure the networks give your company the visibility boost, engagement and leads you deserve.

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Bar Chart

THE multimedia studio team

Nouman Mujib Khan

Experienced 3D Artist in our team of Multimedia Studio joined recently our Digital Marketing agency design the concept & execution of projects and website solutions. He involved in  development of various branding materials at Mumbai Multimedia Studio such as the logos, flyers, website content & video editing etc.

 Yusuf Ali Bhandarkar

When it involves pay-per-click campaigns or any digital marketing effort, for that matter Mumbai Multimedia Studio's Founder CEO will naturally dive into any results. But how can he stick with it -top of cost and performance without getting caught up within the weeds? We’re a B2B Social Media Digital marketing agency in Mumbai that makes a specialty of using social networks to focus on the correct prospects, drive engagement, create website traffic and generate leads - Responsible for planning implementing and managing Multimedia Studio's SEO strategy. 

Sayeda Zainab Abedin

Web Designer by profession responsible for all designing, Scheming & crafting at Multimedia Studio, If you Need some inspiration for your personal or business website? When it comes to laying your site out, designing the right color scheme, picking perfect - Since she's a content creator focused on art and journalism, this integrates her work with us an asset for extra curriculum activities for our projects 

Sheela Shrikant Shelar

3D Generalist | 3D Modeling & Texturing 3D Animation work in any number of capacities on projects in the film, games and animation, In addition to this She is master in Concept Artist in an Animation studio, is assigned at the very start of our all new project, working closely with our team to dream up the intended look and feel of the characters in a cartoon films in a 3D form – She took up a role as our main player to work on modellers, matte-painting for final shots, On her role she is excellent illustrator, as well as being proficient in software like ZBrush, Maya, Mudbox, Substance (3D Artist in Games, character, props or environment, modelling of objects – she is responsible for all the layouts of props and background element & optimization of those assets within a movie or an moving scene...

Gajendra Singh

Digital Marketing and social media marketing - a fast-paced industry presently. Make sure to stay ahead of the curve by harnessing an effective solution that fits your specific needs. Have a look at my Public Relations Portfolio to learn how I can help and get in touch with any questions and will get you out on creating moving illustrations for films, video games or commercials as public relation coordinator 

Sheikh Avez

Our Fastway Xpress Courier & Logistics Co-ordinator and Model by profession Provide support in pick-up and delivery of products in keeping with customer orders. Plan and coordinate product delivery activities to make sure accurate and timely deliveries to customers.

Obtain customer orders for product deliveries including product style, color, delivery date, address, and sign.Contact customers to substantiate delivery date and address. Respond to delivery related inquiries and concerns from customers. Make last-minute order adjustments as requested by customers

Notify customers about any delivery delays beforehand. Schedule deliveries and prepare delivery documentations

Keyboard and Mouse
map of our studio
dungeon tex
dungeon closeup 2
airship texture 1
interior 2
gun new
dungeon closeup 2
dungeon tex
Dungeon Grayscale
Car grayscale
car Grayscale Wireframe
Dungeon Grayscale
Yellow Subway Seats
Grayscale Interior
Dungeon Texture
Dungeon Texture 2
Car Grayscale
Gun Model
Firearms Car Grayscale
Beautifully captured the real image with lighting and bulk of sky of Haji Ali Shrine
Mumbai's life line by Dharmesh
Flyer on Mumbai's life by Zainab
Creative flyer by Baba Sawant
Kaali Peeli on Mumbai's road by Dharmesh
Mumbai's famous Wada Pav by Sheela
only logo2 _edited
creative advertising with packaging for our courier services
brush artistics by tushar
our physical advertisement campaign
freedom by Sheela Shelar
covid vaccination
scenery in three dimension by tushar
Humanity needs better environment Art by Tushar
3D logo design by Sayyeda Zainab
BMW in 3D display for sale on bridge
BMW in 3D display for sale from different angle
BMW in 3D display for sale
BMW in 3D display for sale
ad digital
double mountain in 3D
angel design
flyer during lockdown
Fall Tokens
mind set in black and white
Roses Welder
Spilling Sand
Autumn Road
Back to School Objects
Gold Blush
Graphic Shapes
colour theme artist
afghan situation background
gujarat in covid
Art of 3D VFX
In Race with the trend
doctor n patient in 3D
pro advertisement
hard work pays
advertising idea
sand dumes
3D artistic way to beaches
Shree Ganpati written in urdu
love always until death
Four Kul a safety from bad evils
Safety from Bad Eyes and Evils from karachi
love the extra ordinary
shake hand with business
poor rich and illegal structure
kiara advani in pencil 3D
Illustrated Artist
Fastway Xpress
Natural Beauty
love bird
Yellow Wall
salary in NET and after deduction
image re build
ving lis
instagram show off
3D frame with any image
3D frame with any image
instagram image viral
address on map

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Customer satisfaction is essential to our team at MUMBAI MULTIMEDIA STUDIO. That’s why we’re here to handle any issues or queries you may have, and ensure you get the most out of your Order, Delivery and Shopping experience.
Do not hesitate to write to us on 
multimediastudio9@gmail.com OR
Yusuf Bhandarkar +917977231537


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Fast Way Xpress Courier & Parcels Services facilitate & Operate from Mumbai 400008 - India for domestic, local & International Delivery

From transporting your consignments for hospitals, tutorial & educational establishments to eCommerce businesses to printing firms, Courier &  Logistics service deliveries are in streamlining transactions across the globe. Courier Companies and their franchisee facilitate numerous businesses and institutions which saves time, energy and resources for their customer base. Today, in this world the courier industry has generated $325 billion in revenue. FastWay Xpress is amongst them as an startup courier services.

However, FastWay Xpress in conjunction with a burgeoning trade comes a highly-competitive marketplace, ever-changing shopper demands, hyperbolic staffing and promoting wants along with higher demands for fast, consistent consumer communication. To keep up with the growing courier & traveler service market, several delivery consultants change into intensive delivery services to spice up their business operations, is it enough? Highly-advanced courier businesses like us succeed providing they will match the pace. Does one keep sooner than the curve? Mumbai Multimedia Studio,  A Digital Marketing Agency with an FastWay Xpress is a trusty courier service & digital marketing agency in Mumbai, India. We tend to facilitate courier firms get consistent on-line exposure and expand our client base as walk-in customers or on monthly basis..


Take Advantage of the ability of Search Engine Optimization:

FastWay Xpress Courier service digital selling services provide quick and effective ways in which to succeed in intent on your prospects and customers. Our SEO services provide your business, individual  the same stream of traffic and on-line exposure that the social media will solely hope to match. Maintaining a sturdy on-line presence and ranking on the primary page of search results is crucial for optimum online exposure.

Acquire a lot of leads and win more shoppers with the assistance of Mumbai Multimedia Studio! Generate Qualified website Traffic and Boost Your Sales thru Mumbai Multimedia Studio Digital Marketing Agency is your one-stop digital marketing agency in Mumbai for every deliveries. We have a tendency to assist you reach a large vary of potential customers by implementing targeted solutions. From digital marketing & courier services through on-line business forums, business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces and alternative online channels, we’ve got you covered. Partner with Mumbai Multimedia Studio and allow us to assist you expand your business.

Many companies handle logistics for different companies in the world. However, before making a deal with a logistics company, one needs to focus on some aspects in order to have a peaceful relationship.

It is tough to gain trust these days, but some companies do not do what they say on their websites. So, it is better to do thorough research and ask around to get to know the authenticity of the company and its agreements. Fastway Xpress is a logistics partner for many companies in the world who are trustworthy. They handle hundreds of shipments each day and support many clients.

Many logistics companies are moving toward a more flexible agreement policy with their partners these days, and Fastway Xpress is one of them. They provide you with the option of either choosing the courier or freight service. What's more, is that they provide a consolidated list of freight & courier services on a single phone call. Exclusive Salespersons are assigned for premium clients.

Advanced Technology:
With the world advancing digitally and technologically, one needs to adapt and innovate to stay in the race or be left behind, and Fastway Xpress is developing just that. In the future with Mumbai Multimedia Studio API, you can even track your shipment and its status.

What good is a logistics company if its reach is limited? FastWay Xpress Logistics & Courier is a shipping/freight forwarding company that has a reach of over 130 Countries of the world. Our Associates even has their own containers to give you the best rate in the market.

Above are some of the points you can consider while choosing the logistics company as a partner for your logistics business. 

Yusuf B.